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Sparkle About Me Sparkle

Kim Long loves to write stories with a sense of adventure, a dash of magic, and a hint of science. She wrote her first book at age 10, where she combined the best parts of her favorite Choose Your Own Adventures into a single story. (Cave of Time at Chimney Rock in the Bermuda Triangle.) When not writing, she loves playing board games, watching Star Wars movies, and riding her bike along Illinois’s many trails. Her debut novel, Lexi Magill and the Teleportation Tournament, was released on October 1, 2019, by Running Press Kids.



Favorite animal: two main groups: Squid & Octopus and Llamas & Camels (kind of similar, but not, I know!)

Favorite foods: pizza, my Mom’s potato salad, pound cake, and chocolate chip cookies

Favorite music: Bruce Springsteen, George Strait, Jimmy LaFave, Kelly Clarkson

Favorite TV shows: Top Chef, Billions, Good Girls, and just about anything on HGTV

Favorite movies: The Prestige, Star Wars, Ever After, Jurassic Park, Pitch Perfect

Favorite board games: Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Grand Austria Hotel, Castles of Burgundy

Favorite kidlit authors: Jodi Lynn Anderson, Wendy Mass, Ingrid Law, Jessica Day George

Favorite “adult” authors: Stephen King, Jim Butcher, Michael J. Sullivan

Favorite sport: baseball/softball

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