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A free PDF of a Lexi Magill and the Teleportation Tournament curriculum guide is here: Lexi Magill Curriculum Guide

A free PDF of a Lexi Magill and the Teleportation Tournament activity kit is here: Activity Kit for LEXI MAGILL


I would love to visit your school or library!

Currently, I offer a presentation best suited for grades 3-6. In my 45-minute to 1 hour “How to  Create a Story” presentation, young writers will learn how to use their own experiences as a springboard for ideas and how to transform those ideas into a cohesive story. Using Lexi Magill and the Teleportation Tournament to show how to develop an idea into a real story and the researching and revising that goes along with it, my interactive PowerPoint presentation includes:

  •     Pictures and stories from my childhood that made  me imagine a world where teleportation was real.
  •     A discussion of how to brainstorm ideas that will work with a story: I will explain the building blocks and challenges I faced in deciding which ideas worked with my story and which ideas I had to toss aside in conjunction with showing how important revision is to the story writing process.
  •     Research: I will talk about how I used the library to research scientists, countries, and fun locations included in my book story to create the tournament course and puzzles for the competitors to solve.
  •    A mini teleportation tournament with puzzle solving and a “trip” to another country applying the above concepts

A Q&A session opportunity for students to ask questions about writing and publishing (time permitting).


Host School/Library to provide:

• Microphone
• Digital projector, screen, computer (author will bring flash drive)


If you are interested in scheduling a visit, please complete the contact form, and I will get back to you!


Fantastic visit with Kim Long! Her presentation was geared around writing a story and then became interactive with the students. Engaging author visit and Kim was great with the students! — Dawn Maly, Patterson Elementary, Naperville Illinois

Kim visited with our third, fourth, and fifth grade students Maplebrook Elementary. She immediately connected with them by sharing her interests and passions. They were inspired to write while hearing about her writing process. Students were hooked when she took them all on a teleportation journey that challenged their geography and critical thinking skills!! We loved our visit with Kim and hope our paths cross again! – Laura Bass, Learning Commons teacher, Maplebrook Elementary. Thanks so much for inspiring my kiddos!! — Laura Bass





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