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Whether you’re working on your first or tenth manuscript, there comes a time when you could use an extra set of eyes on your project. Maybe you have difficulty developing your characters and establishing an inner arc that leads to their transformation by story’s end. Or, perhaps you’re great on character and have trouble with creating those pesky external obstacles. Then again, maybe the pace is just off, and no matter where you try cutting, you’re left with a saggy middle or get comments that you’re wrapping things up too quickly.

Of course, it’s quite possible you’re not sure what the problem is! You could be getting confusing feedback (or worse, no feedback!) on your manuscript and are not sure what to do. Every writer has been there, including me. It gets to a point where you start wondering if you’ll ever get your ideas to work. Losing confidence in your writing sucks, especially when it leads to losing energy to write.

If this is you–if you’re not sure why your manuscript isn’t working and want to fix it, if you’re not sure how to implement feedback, or even if you’d like an objective set of eyes on your project–let me help. No matter the issue, I’d love the chance to work with you on your manuscript and help you get to the next level.

I am a traditionally published middle grade author. My debut novel, Lexi Magill and the Teleportation Tournament, was selected to the 2021-2022 Texas Bluebonnet Master List. My middle grade non-fiction debut, Catching Cryptids: The Scientific Search for Mysterious Creatures, is scheduled for release in February 2025. I served as a Pitch Wars Mentor for seven years (2015-2021). I’ve also mentored in #TeenPit and have been a judge in query contests. I am a critique partner to published and unpublished writers, and I love every second of it. I completed Author Accelerator’s Fiction Book Coaching class, which required completion of a  200+ hour course that included online seminars, writing exercises, and practicum clients, for developmental editing/manuscript assessment procedures and techniques.

Finally, I am a Reedsy editor and can be found on their website. Reedsy allows you to personalize the package that you believe can help the most, so please reach out to me there if you’re interested in getting help on your manuscript!

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